Long Island Pipeline System

Port Jefferson Dock Facility

Clean products are delivered by ship or barge to Northville's Port Jefferson terminal. Vessels discharge at either:

  • The Tanker Berth: Maximum length is 700' with a maximum beam of 106'. The MLW draft is 35', but vessels must enter through a channel with only 26' depth.
  • The North Berth: Maximum length is 350' with a maximum beam of 75'. The MLW draft is 20'.

Products are transported directly to the East Setauket Tank Farm by two 16" pipelines, then on to the Holtsville Terminal through one 12" pipeline.

East Setauket Tank Farm

Located 3 miles south of Pt. Jefferson, this tank farm has 9 internal floating roof tanks with a total capacity of 950,000 barrels(39,900,000 Gallons).

Holtsville Terminal

Located 9 miles south of the East Setauket Tank Farm, this facility has 12 floating roof tanks and 3 cone roof tanks. Storage capacity totals 380,000 barrels(15,960,000 Gallons).

Distillates are loaded from the 8 positions at the East Rack, which has both top and bottom loading facilities for #2 fuel oil, diesel, and kerosene.

Gasoline (with additive capability) and #2 fuel oil are loaded from the 7 positions on the West Rack, which has bottom loading facilities only.